Custom Development & Integration

Our custom development and integration services provide your business with a true end-to-end, integrated solution that is built to meet your unique business needs.
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Custom Development

Tailor The Solution to Your Requirements

Deploying a new solution into your enterprise environment can be challenging.
Whether the off-the-shelf product lacks a specific feature or simply to automate the information flow between various solutions, there are often some gaps that require a lot of manual efforts until custom solutions are engineered to bridge them.
You can rely on the innovative ideas and skilled development capabilities of our team to build the missing blocks that will enable a solution to deliver the expected value, and expand the capabilities of your products beyond their typical limitations.
We are experienced in most modern development or scripting languages to develop front-end, middleware, scripts or back-end solutions.

Here are some examples of custom development that we have built for our customers over the years:

  • The proVision™ orchestration platform, which includes full lifecycle CI lifecycle management, user access management, SLA calculation, etc.
  • Performance data ETL
  • Dynamic performance dashboards
  • SLA reports
  • Custom device certifications
  • Fault correlation and suppression rules
  • Auto-remediation processes
  • Inventory auto-discovery and reconciliation


Streamline Your Data Flows

Simplifying IT flows is a key to enhancing the efficiency of your organization.
Our team will provide you the best advice on process automation to make your software assets more connected and hence, more efficient.
This will ensure that your business can keep growing at the most optimized productivity levels, by avoiding wasting manual efforts, accelerating processes and avoiding errors.


  • The proVision™ orchestration platform, which includes integrations with several CMDB products, IAM solutions and several domain managers
  • Service desk and notification systems integrations
  • Integrations with non-standard element management systems (EMS)