Architecture & Implementation Services

Our team has deep technical expertise and operations understanding to help you achieve your desired outcomes quickly.
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Solution Architecture

Leverage Best Practices to Achieve Results Faster

Our Professional Services team follows a proven approach to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.
We have the technical expertise and apply industry best practices to deliver your architecture projects and advise you on the best options to reach maximum value.
Our team will work with you to understand your specific requirements and tailor a solution to reach your goals faster, using best-of-breed architecture.
Many North American service providers currently leverage designs and automations that we developped for them.

Specialized in Service Management

We have a strong background in all aspects of Service Management: ITIL best practices, inventory lifecycle management, vendor-agnostic monitoring solutions, etc.
Our relationships with some software vendors (e.g. Broadcom, ScienceLogic, IBM) and wide knowledge of entreprise hardware allow us to adapt to every situation.

Accelerate Project Delivery

Implementation Services

Implemtation Workforce

On top of building the design that you need, our team also has the technical expertise to assist you with the implementation of your projects
Whether as a Staff Augmentation or a Time & Material project, we can help you get to done when you do not have enough skilled workforce to meet the project timeline.