proVision™ Orchestrator

Provides NetOps and AIOps Platform Orchestration.
Automate operation of all your monitoring products from a central place.
Fast-track to IT operations best practices.
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The Role of proVision™ within NetOps

NetOps vs proVision: the big picture

In most cases, the NetOps capabilities operate in silos. The yellow arrows illustrate where integration can provide a lot of benefits to the platform. However, creating script-based, one-to-one integrations has a significant cost to develop and maintain. This is where proVision has the processes and the intelligence to automate the solution for you. It is built with the bigger picture in mind, and follows industry best practices to provide increased value out-of-the-box.

The following sections focus on specific integration use cases.



Repetitive Tasks

proVision manages all the manual tasks in your domain managers to provide the service based on your contracts and business rules.


Improve Efficiency

You will improve discovery time and ensure accuracy in monitoring the right items, the right way.

Save Money

Avoid wasting time in repetitive tasks and ensure your staff can concentrate on providing the best service.

CIs Provisioning

Ensure the Devices, Interfaces, QoS and other relevant components are monitored for Availability and/or Performance, according to your service contracts.

Users Provisioning

External users and internal operators are created and assigned permissions according to their role and needs. This allows multi-tenancy and secures access even for systems that are not natively designed for it.

Ease of Data Input

Input data can be provided several ways, depending on your existing infrastructure: Pushed via APIs, pulled via APIs or from DB, exported in CSV, manually entered using the User Interface, or Automatic Discovery Engine.

Data Validation and Enrichment

Inventory is constantly validated and Industry Standards and Best Practices are applied. The monitored items are enriched with all the data required to optimize their management and simplify the life of the operation teams.

Service Level Reporting

Provide custom reports to your customers, detailing how their network performed. This will show them that you truly care about the service you offer and the customer experience.

Simulation Creation

The integration with Gambit MIMIC Simulator allows to create automatically systems and networks simulation, based on your current production or lab provisioning without any other overhead effort: just add one or more MIMIC servers into your environment and connect them to proVision Orchestrator.

And More ...

There are many more features in the product that we cannot list them all. On top of it, the product is build using a micro-services concept, which makes it easy to extend to fit your company specific needs.


Administrative Pages and APIs

Administer or integrate all the aspects of your monitoring platform from a central place.



These functions are building blocks used for automating the provisioning processes.


Products and Components Integrations

Save time and efforts by using some of our pre-built integrations or expand capabilities with new ones.

Boost service quality

Use our integrations

The easiest way to get accurate, efficient and up-to-date monitoring

Company/Organization Hierarchy
Provisioning Load-balancing
Service Inventory Database
Processing Analytics

Simple, Centralized Administration for all your NetOps Solutions

These are just a small selection of the multiple capabilities. Focus on the service, avoid wasting efforts on the processes.

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