Consulting Services in IT Management

Architecture & Implementation

Our team can assist you in building the IT architecture that fits your current and future needs.
Particularly, we have extensive experience in the NetOps and AIOps domains and products.

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Custom Development & Integration

From simple scripts to complex applications, we can architect and develop the custom components that you need to handle your data. Our team can leverage the language of your choice for the development and transfer knowledge and ownership for day-to-day operations.

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Data Migration, Conversion & Normalization

When new systems are introduced, data migration is a common headache. We have vast experience in extracting, transforming and loading data from one system into another, using APIs, queries or text extracts. We can also help you standardize and normalize your data using reference information (geolocations, technology, products) which will reduce operational troubles.

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Infrastructure & Network Simulation

Our hosting solution can simulate thousands of network devices and complex infrastructure to replicate your production environment. This allows validating new products, releases, components and custom code, at scale and in context.

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Development Lab Hosting

We know how complex it can be to handle a development lab in the context of an organization with strict processes and security concerns. Our hosting solution can provide you with a secure but very flexible environment to develop and test new code or to validate upgrades or new products.

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Our Products

proVision Orchestrator

Provides NetOps and AIOps Platform Orchestration.
Automate operation of all your monitoring products from a central place.
Fast-track to IT operations best practices.

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